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Better our communities

What “Family” Means for Our Community

As a family-owned company with more than 9,000 associates across the globe, we reach beyond our own homes and offices and better the communities in which we live and work.

In addition to our company’s main charitable focus, our associates also provide valuable support for local organizations and causes for which they have a passion, devoting their time and talents to enrich lives every day across their local communities.

Charity Initiatives

Cake Carnivals

What is a cake carnival? A cake carnival involves taking sponges, icings, decorating supplies and other sweet treats to a charitable organization and spending the day decorating the cakes with underprivileged children. The children get to keep their own cake to enjoy.  This is an experience that these children have not encountered before and the laughs and smiles from the kids are incredibly heart-warming.

A few years ago, Rich’s Associates in South Africa decided to contribute to their local community in the way they knew best – through FOOD!

We paired a desire to support abused women and children with our ability to create delicious treats - and the idea for Rich’s “Cake Carnivals” was born.

Cake Carnivals are every bit as wonderful as they sound.  Proud producers of bakery, toppings and icing products, our Associates knew that we couldn’t just give anything to our communities.  It had to be something that was sure to bring a smile to a child’s face – something like a huge, delicious slice of cake!

Every two to three months, more than a dozen Rich’s Associates, along with friends and family members, take scrumptious cakes, along with all the trimmings, including toppings, icings and sweets, for a fun day of decorating, to a local charitable organization that supports women and children in need.

We spend several hours literally spreading joy with delightful cake decorating fun.  And, of course, taste testing is a mandatory element of the party!

“Our associates wanted an opportunity that really allows them to get involved in the community first hand” said Liz Kobilski, CEO, Rich Products South Africa in Johannesburg. “In many cases, these children and families have been through more hardship than any of us can understand.  We all feel good that we’re able to spend some time with them and bring smiles to their faces.”

Rich’s South Africa holds these Cake Carnivals throughout the year with great success.

“These kids are so excited to be a part of something so fun,” said Kobilski.  “It means just as much to us that we are fortunate enough to be able to bring so much happiness to them.”

Here are some of our Cake Carnivals

Toy Donation

Rich’s South Africa has a collection drive every quarter and all items collected are then donated to a needy charity.

In December 2013, we asked our Associates to donate a Christmas gift for a needy child for Christmas. We visited Little Rose Centre Children’s Home based in Kliptown, a township in Johannesburg, to drop off the wrapped toys that were donated, and they were welcomed with smiles and extreme joy.

Meals on Wheels Donut Donation

Rich’s South Africa recently donated almost 900 cases of donuts to Meals on Wheels, a community services non-profit organization providing cooked meals and food to many needy people. Meals on Wheels is a multi-faceted welfare service aimed at helping the elderly of our country to live out their sunset years in dignity and relative comfort.

The service includes Old-Age Homes, Frail-Care Centres, and Service Centres for Senior Citizens and the well-known Meals on Wheels for the Aged meal delivery service. The Meals on Wheels Community Services also includes 54 crèches and 52 soup kitchens and/or feeding schemes that they support.

We regularly donate products to Meals on Wheels to assist in them alleviating the hunger that so many people live with every day. Meals on Wheels took this opportunity to distribute the donuts to various needy communities.

Strathyre Girls’ Home Muffin Donation

Rich’s recently donated 400 cases of muffins to Strathyre Home. Strathyre Home houses 60 girls aged between three and 18 years old, due to varying degrees of abuse, neglect, poverty and/or abandonment. The muffins were received with much joy and appreciation.

Major Valerie Potgieter from Strathyre had the following to say: “Thank you so much for your kind donation of muffins. We managed to share with a few of the Salvation Army Centres – they too were grateful. The girls have already tasted and enjoyed some of the muffins.

We really appreciate your kindness, may God continue to bless you – as you bless others”.

Cheque Donation to St. Marys Home

Rich’s was awarded the Community Service Award for 2013 by Rich’s Head Office in Buffalo, United States of America, and we were given a $1,000 cheque to donate to a worthy and needy charity.   We decided to award the cheque to St. Mary’s Children’s Home based in Rosettenville.

St Mary's Children's Home is a registered non-profit organisation which has its roots in the Anglican Church. The home offers a safe, secure residential care and therapeutic environment for children from families in crisis. Recently, the home has been struggling to keep its doors open after losing a lot of its sponsorship. When we informed them of the donation they were extremely excited and appreciative.

On May 5, members of Rich’s went to visit the home to hand over a big cheque and stock their kitchen with a range of our products. The home was extremely happy with the donation and we know it will be used for a good cause.


Cheque Donation to St. Marys Home

Soup Collection

Every quarter we host a specific collection in support of a local charity, and all our associates always give freely and generously. We did a soup collection as a build-up to winter and collected over 500 packets of soup.

Just before the start of winter, we contacted a soup kitchen in Cape Town which is in dire need of food. They were overwhelmed by the donation from Rich’s.

Our team in Cape Town was on hand to deliver this much- needed donation. It was a very moving experience for our associates.

Clothing Collection

To continue on from the success of the soup collection exercise earlier in the year, Rich’s South Africa embarked on another collection, this time for clothing. This collection was another great success. Associates from across the organisation made it possible for us to collect massive bags of clothing.

We donated all the clothes to the Salvation Army who do exceptional work to help communities living in distressed and deprived situations all over South Africa.

The foundation does so much to assist communities by providing educational assistance, clothing, food and shelter to the most needy. The donation was highly appreciated by the Salvation Army, and once again associates showed their commitment to building the communities in which they work and live.

Clothing Collection


Cupcake for Cancer – Nelson Mandela Mural

This exciting initiative used cupcakes to build a massive mural of Nelson Mandela’s face as part of the 67 minutes for Mandela Day fundraising.

Rich’s donated cupcakes to this worthy cause, with a total of 5,226 cupcakes used to make the mural. After completion, they were sold to the public to raise funds, with all the proceeds donated to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital.

Cupcake for Cancer – Cupcake Tree - World Record

September 2013

In the same spirit as the Mandela Mural, Cupcake 4 Kids with Cancer embarked on an attempt to enter the Guinness Book of Records by building the tallest cupcake tree.

Once again we were more than delighted to get involved and donated the cupcakes needed. The cupcakes were also sold to raise funds.

Boys and Girls Town

August 2013

On Friday our associates wear jeans and casual shoes to work in exchange for a donation to charity.  All these funds are then collected and donated to a worthy cause. 

In August 2013 the funds collected by our Associates as well as a contribution by the organisation was donated to Girls and Boys Town, a total of R 22 000 was donated.  Girls and Boys Town is a home that cares for children who have been removed from their families by the courts due to various reasons.  The home provides a safe shelter, food and schooling.

Boys and Girls Town donation

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