An Overview of Our Story

The story of Rich Products Corporation begins in 1935, when Robert E. Rich is the owner and operator of Wilber Farms Dairy. While later serving as Michigan’s War Food Administrator, Mr. Rich learns about unique research being conducted at the George Washington Carver Institute.

Soybeans, it seems, have the potential to be used for innovative new food products.

In 1945, while investigating the use of soybeans as a vegetable-based replacement for whipped cream, Mr. Rich invents Rich’s Whip Topping®, the world’s first frozen, non-dairy whipped topping. The landmark creation marks the birth of Rich Products Corporation.

From the success of its whipped topping, the young company turns its focus toward development of other revolutionary products, including frozen crème puffs, frozen éclairs and the product that will make Rich’s a household name, Coffee Rich®.

Today, Rich Products Corporation is a global operation, with more than 50 locations spanning six continents. Rich’s began reaching outside the United States and Canada in the late 1980s and now produces more than 2,000 products sold in 100 countries around the globe. The company remains one of the largest family-owned, frozen-food manufacturers, with more than $3.1 billion in annual sales.

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