2000s: Continued Growth and Success

Rich’s further expands its product portfolio through acquisition and product innovation. Early in the decade, Rich’s adds an impressive assortment of fully finished frozen desserts by completing the acquisitions of Jon Donaire Desserts, of Santa Fe Springs, Calif., and Mother’s Kitchen Desserts, in Burlington, N.J. Rich’s also bolsters its existing product lines with the acquisitions of frozen cake and bakery mix producer JW Allen & Co., in 2000, and leading donut producer Rolling Pin Manufacturing, in 2005.

Additionally, Rich’s expands its product line and manufacturing capabilities in Europe with the acquisition of David Powell Bakeries, in Fareham, U.K.

In 2006, following the death of his father and company founder, Robert E. Rich Sr., Bob Rich Jr. takes the reins as Chairman of Rich Products Corporation with his wife, Melinda R. (Mindy) Rich as Vice Chairman, and Bob Rich Jr. appoints Bill Gisel President and Chief Executive Officer.

Along with acquisitions, Rich’s carries on a heritage of food innovation as its Research & Development team introduces several new, award-winning products, such as Rich’s Della Suprema Wheat Sheeted Pizza Dough, Tiki Bay Premium Blended Beverages, Niagara Farms Premium Blended Whipped Topping, and Birthday Party Bettercreme. The Bettercreme offering opens up a revolutionary niche in the icing category as the first icing to incorporate a particulate (multicolored sequin sprinkles).

While indulgence remains at the core of Rich’s product portfolio, the company also develops a focus on health- and wellness-related products by forming a strategic alliance with French Meadow Bakery, based in Minneapolis, Minn., and acquiring both WorldCatch LLC, a provider of all-natural seafood, and GLP Manufacturing, a gluten-free baked-goods manufacturer.

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